Balala Swallows Pride & Finally Apologizes To Kenyans For Telling Them To Go To Hell

Balala Swallows Pride & Finally Apologizes To Kenyans For Telling Them To Go To Hell

Tourism Cabinet Secretary (CS) Najib Balala has expressed regret over his emotional “go to hell” remarks to those calling for his resignation over the controversial death of 10 rhinos at the Tsavo East National Park.

In his apology on the morning of Tuesday, July 31, a remorseful Balala also rued dragging the name of President Uhuru Kenyatta, whom he claimed had the power to fire him, into the rude outburst.

“I regret I did that outburst, it was out of pain that I am being let down by my system. I do regret dragging the president’s name,” the CS told Parliamentary committee on Environment and Natural Resources, which had summoned him to give answers to the death puzzle.

The former politician on Monday, July 30, while in Mombasa, harshly told off Kenyans calling for his resignation, claiming they were seeking to intimidate him and take over the parks.

“In my leadership I am going to be right and not nice. In the case of the rhinos, I am going to stand with what is right. Nobody has appointed me, its President Uhuru Kenyatta who appointed me, so they can go to hell,” said the CS .

His comments obviously sparked online outrage with many expressing disgust over what they termed as sheer arrogance from a state officer.

“No, Balala, I have a lot of respect for you. But with all due respect, however much you consider some Kenyans or groups misguided, you by virtue of that position should not tell them “to go to hell”. The President appoints you on behalf of the Kenyan people,” tweeted former presidential candidate James Ole Kiyiapi.

The CS insisted saline water in the park was responsible for dehydration which led to the death of the wild animals. However, Kenyans could not take the excuse lightly as they claimed it beat logic that rhinos at Tsavo East would suddenly be affected by saline water, yet the ones at Tsavo West were in good health.

They faulted the CS for undermining KWS board of trustees which had opposed the translocation of the rhinos for the three years it was in existence.


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