OrbEXTRA: 17 Super Weird Reasons Why Kenyan Women Look For Foreign Lovers

When most African women are asked what kind of men they prefer, the response is always the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. However, a select group of ladies tend to prefer caramel-skinned chaps with a nice smile and loaded pockets to boot.

Some lasses say they would never waste their time dating a black man as he can easily be stingy or towering. Upon a random sample, we came up with these notes:

1. Foreigners have a lot of money.

2. Ladies want a chance to travel around the world.

3. Some women just want to get married to them so they can be dual citizens.

4. Foreign men are good in bed.

5. Foreign men know how to treat a lady.

6. Foreign men cannot easily tell when their woman is cheating on them.

7. Foreign men do not mind about a woman’s dark past.

8. The grass is always greener on the other side. Hehe!

9. They want biracial children and not dark-skinned ones.

10. They want to empty the bank accounts of their lovers and run away with all their riches.

11. Local men are selfish and do not how to treat their women.

12. Kenyan men are not interested in marriage and starting a family.

13. All Kenyan men are either married or in a relationship.

14. Kenyan men are not willing to be associated with single mothers but foreign men are.

15. Foreign men are easy to manipulate.

16. Foreigners barely spend any time in the country giving their lovers enough time to cheat on them.

17. Foreign men are not too demanding and nagging.


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